"There is nothing like staying home for comfort." 

Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.
-Jane Austen 
Jane Austen Links Page
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JASNA - Jane Austen Society of North America
Jane Austen WIKI - Wikipedia Page
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Fanfiction Sites  * indicates forum-based website
50 Miles of Good Road - Scotch and Sirens * DEFUNCT
Bits of Ivory - The Republic of Pemberley
Desert Musings - Fanfiction by Linnea Smith
Fanfiction.net - Jane Austen fanfiction at fanfiction.net *
Fishwilliam Works - Fanfiction by Lucrezia DEFUNCT
Meryton.com - Home of A Happy Assembly forum *
Ramblings of a Cajun in Exile - Fiction and Other Writings by Jack Caldwell
Roads Not Taken - Fanfic by Victoria

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