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Title: AU Rules
Post by: sarapencil on May 09, 2008, 06:14:26 AM
AU is a site dedicated to creative expression.  For that reason, we are very liberal in our posting guidelines.  However, we do have a few rules.

1.  You must be at least 18 years old to register for and participate in this site.  Underage members will be banned.
2. If you're a spammer, give up now. If we see anything unrelated to the community your post will be deleted as will your account in a matter of minutes. I wouldn't waste my time, we're pretty diligent.
3.  Don't post anything depicting sex with minors.  It's called kiddie-porn, and we're too pretty to go to jail.
4.  Try to keep a civil tongue in your head.  We understand that discussions get heated, so try to be polite when expressing your disagreement.
5.  If you feel a post is offensive, contact a mod or admin.  We will review the post and make a decision.  But understand that it might not be the decision you want.  
6.  Try not to be over-sensitive. Messages are hard to convey in a forum like this, and your interpretation may not be what was intended by the poster.  This is a forum for adults, if you have a concern, please contact a mod or admin. We're glad to help.

Our goal at AU is to promote creativity and discussion in an adult manner.   We hate censorship and want everyone to feel that their opinions, whether popular or not, are valid.  That having been said, we reserve the right to ask you to delete a post that, in our view, "crosses the line."  We will make every effort to handle such situations in a respectful way and will never do so without your knowledge.

Our advice: Check your ego at the door. We're here to have fun.